HRchat Interview with Taylor Liggett and Chuck Walker: Background Screening

Background Screening

In HRchat episode 345, Bill Banham talks with Chuck Walker and Taylor Liggett about the evolution of digital identity and its role in background screening. Sterling is on a mission to ensure verified information is owned by and easily accessible to, the individual. They believe digital identity verification should only have to occur once and Personal Identity Information should only be shared, when necessary.

HRchat Interview with Kelly Kauffman: Slam Dunk HR

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks CHRO Talks Performance and Culture My guest in HRchat episode 344 is Kelly Kauffman, Chief Human Capital Officer for the 2021 World Champion Milwaukee Bucks, a sports and entertainment organization within the National Basketball Association. Listen as Kelly shares her experiences of running an arena and being part of a championship-winning culture during the […]

HRchat with Trung Tran: Monitoring and Preventing Employee Burnout

Employee Burnout

Helping Employees Combat Stress, Anxiety and Burnout According to the World Health Organization, burnout results from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is typically characterized by three dimensions: feelings of exhaustion; increased mental apathy towards one’s job; and lack of confidence about your abilities. Burned-out employees are 63% more likely to take […]