HRchat Interview with Russell Robinson: Having a Voice and Feeling Heard at Work

In this HRchat, Bill talks with Russell Robinson, EdD, Founder at Amplified Research & Consulting and Senior Training & Engagement Advisor at the U.S. Federal Government. Russell reflects on his recent presentation at InnovateWork in which he shared his experiences of why a ‘voice culture’ is needed now more than ever and the dangers of remaining silent in the workplace.

HRchat Interview with Phil Harrington and Dr. Spencer Niles: Timely Career Development

Career Goals

In HRchat episode 301, we consider the tools and resources needed to ensure successful L&D and workforce planning initiatives. Listen as we also chat about what it takes for HR to foster an environment that successfully elevates employee wellbeing and career development. Bill is joined this time by Phil Harrington, Chairman and CEO and Dr. Spencer Niles, Senior Vice President, Career Planning and Development at Kuder, a career guidance solutions provider.

HRchat Episode 300: Inspiration Through Adversity

HRchat podcast episode 300

Today, we released HRchat episode 300! You know, back in 2016 when we started the podcast I would have thought you were kidding if you’d told me we’d reach such a huge milestone. More so given the caliber of guests and the depth of conversations we’ve had. The HRchat podcast has given me and guest […]