How to Shift Your Employee Engagement Mindset

5-Star Careers

5-Star Careers Create 5-Star Companies Over the last 18 months, employees across industries demonstrated self-motivation and reliability when called upon to manage and execute their work remotely.  They felt a new kind of empowerment and they liked it. As a result, how millions of employees think about work has changed and ways of working has […]

How Human Resources Pros Can Promote Use of Intranet

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Why Does HR Struggle to Persuade Leadership of Intranet Value? More employees are onboarding in a hybrid and remote way than ever before. Few workplaces, however, are prepared to provide ample tools and technology to help those employees get started on the right foot. This summer Origami Software surveyed 200 organizations in North America, Europe, […]

Will Hybrid Work Models Succeed?

Improve Your Employee Retention Rate

An Analysis of Hybrid Work Models Is your company ready for a hybrid work model? Can hybrid work models really thrive? The question is worth asking, considering that more than three-quarters of Canadians support the hybrid workplace model – but four in five are concerned that the leadership in their organization isn’t prepared or equipped […]

Feedback and Development Planning: The Data

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Our guest in episode 4 joined Protective Life to help them build data-driven capabilities in their HR dept and take their performance to new levels. Matthew Hamilton is Head of HR Strategy and People Analytics at ProtectiveLife.