How to Attract Top Talent in a Post-Pandemic Labor Market

In episode two of the podcast that considers all stages connected with workforce planning, Bill Banham and I are joined by Kerris Hougardy, Vice President, People Services North America at Colliers International. She says the key to attracting top candidates is understanding the new needs of candidates. 

Fidello Launches New Podcast and Webinar Series

New Podcast and Webinar Content to Help You Get to Grips With Every Stage of Workforce Planning I’m pleased to share that Fidello is entering the wonderful world of podcasting!  Launched today, the new People and Performance Podcast will offer insights on the strategic competencies, behaviors, and results needed to increase the performance of employees. […]

HRchat Episode 300: Inspiration Through Adversity

HRchat podcast episode 300

Today, we released HRchat episode 300! You know, back in 2016 when we started the podcast I would have thought you were kidding if you’d told me we’d reach such a huge milestone. More so given the caliber of guests and the depth of conversations we’ve had. The HRchat podcast has given me and guest […]

InnovateWork East Coast #6 Event Preview with Laura Tatham and Bill Banham


In this special episode of the HRchat podcast, Bill Banham chats with InnovateWork East Coast co-host and panel moderator, Laura Tatham. Listen to this shorter-than-normal episode to get the lowdown on the speakers and format of the May 27th free online event. Laura is also Career Development Manager at Flipp and Founder and Coach at Make Waves Coaching. […]

The Link Between Workplace DEI and Performance

Data Analytics and Recruiting

HR Tools Improving DEI also Raise Business Performance Performance-driven behaviors in an organization that further the competitive advantages can unintentionally create barriers to diversity and inclusion. Employees do their jobs as best they can and are unaware of the impact. Proven HR tools and processes, adapted for diversity and inclusion, unleash the potential in every […]

Remote Work is Here to Stay

remote work

Canadians who experience a disability are ready to work remotely According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute article, the future of the workplace is likely to combine some remote work with work in an office following the COVID-19 pandemic. For many employees, some activities during a typical day are suitable for remote work, such as […]

An Employers Guide to Agile Compensation Strategies

HR data

Research from Deloitte shows that “64 percent of respondents expected their organizations to redesign compensation yet again either this year or in the next three years.” Has COVID brought around these changes or are organisations simply moving with the times?

Reimaging the Employee Benefits Landscape

reward system

Flexibility in the workplace has become fundamental across the board, particularly as we bounce back and forth between varying states of lockdown. And although initially born out of necessity – with many employees having no choice but to work remotely – it would seem that this new flexible approach is here to stay.

How to Improve Employee Wellbeing Practices

Employee Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing: Why Employee Health Matters in Business A business can be described as a machine, a well-oiled formation that is only successful when each component down to the smallest cog works efficiently. If any part of the machine breaks down, we see production fall to a halt, unable to churn out results. In other […]

Four Ways Businesses Can Improve Recruitment in a Digital World

Recruitment in a Digital World

It’s time to digitalize your work methodology and ease up your work using Digital Recruitment. This is a process of using tech and the internet to search, analyze and select candidates to fill the open job roles. So, considering the online evolution, we are going to outline some ways how businesses can improve recruitment in a digital world.