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American Society For Healthcare Human Resource Administration

Founded in 1964, American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) acts as an ambassador for more than 3,000 HR professionals in America. All members have obtained a master’s degree, have over 20 years work experience in the HR industry, work for large organizations in the health care industry, controls more than one HR function, and is top management. ASHHRA is a private membership group of the American Hospital Association. The ASHHRA is the United States of America’s exclusive affiliation firm. ASHHRA invest all of their time in improving the resources for health care professionals. 13 Board of Directors members and four standing committees enact as governors for the ASHHRA. Individuals and firms have recognized ASHHRA as the best provider of educating information, industry studies, HR software, meeting other people and optimal techniques for the health care HR specialists.




You can become a member of the ASHHRA and allocate your time to bettering healthcare HR professionals. By having your organization join, you will gain access to top-tier executives that will share strategies to improve efficiency. Your network will significantly expand, and you will see personal growth. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to obtain a Certified in Healthcare Human Resources (CHHR) designation.



ASHHRA envisions itself as a leader in the healthcare HR world. They want to leave an impact of health care HR policies and share their beliefs on best practices. ASHHRA mainly looks for trust, integrity, and leadership in people. They strive to bring more diversity, encourage collaboration, innovate, and provide excellent leadership to the industry. ASHHRA has the sole objective of advancing the way healthcare employees work. To improve these practices, the ASHHRA lays down the path for honest leaders to take hold of this sector.

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