Best Things to Look for in CVs to Narrow Down Your Options

Best Things to Look for in CVs

As a busy manager or recruiter, you likely don’t have time to scour through dozens of CVs, looking for a new employee to join your team. While software can certainly help you narrow down your options automatically, it doesn’t hurt to have complete control over the process yourself. Here are a few things to look out for in what could be your most desirable potential employees yet.

A Healthy and Productive Workforce Requires the Right Digital Infrastructure

workplace health

COVID-19 has a far-reaching organizational impact, especially for human resources teams and employee and occupational health specialists. Marketing teams even scrambled to pivot as well, including our own. Needs changed constantly for our customers as their responsibilities for maintaining the health and safety of their workforces seemed to shift every single day.

The Death of Beige Cubicle? Office Of The Future: Collaboration, Clients And Quick Fusion Culture

Office culture

By Simon Trevarthen Corporations love boxes. Whether is it org. charts with boxes that define and hem in your role, neat role and responsibilities, and worst of all, beige cubicles. Designed in 1964, with the intention of “empowering people,” cubicles are a symptom of all that is wrong with atomized, fragmented work cultures. Chances are, […]

HR as a Strategic Partner for the Business in Diversity


Four sorts of key benefits to the business from DEI can be linked to four forms of normative management as well as four typical strategic sources of competitive advantages. These benefits are gained by DEI policies which are extended to actively include more people with diverse backgrounds, without excluding or disadvantaging people with conventional backgrounds.

InnovateWork East Coast #6 Event Preview with Laura Tatham and Bill Banham


In this special episode of the HRchat podcast, Bill Banham chats with InnovateWork East Coast co-host and panel moderator, Laura Tatham. Listen to this shorter-than-normal episode to get the lowdown on the speakers and format of the May 27th free online event. Laura is also Career Development Manager at Flipp and Founder and Coach at Make Waves Coaching. […]

The Link Between Workplace DEI and Performance

Data Analytics and Recruiting

HR Tools Improving DEI also Raise Business Performance Performance-driven behaviors in an organization that further the competitive advantages can unintentionally create barriers to diversity and inclusion. Employees do their jobs as best they can and are unaware of the impact. Proven HR tools and processes, adapted for diversity and inclusion, unleash the potential in every […]

Keeping a Remote Workforce Engaged

Remote Workforce

Many employees are comfortable working online, using a range of technologies and transmitting their work product electronically. They’re increasingly more comfortable meeting virtually to plan, collaborate, monitor progress, and solve problems. Employers are wise to recognize that the same technologies that enable remote work also enable remote engagement, potentially improving performance, dedication, and job satisfaction.