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ADP Inc.

ADP delivers HR tools that can free up resources: allowing executives to invest more of their time into HR, strategy, and projects. ADP is a large organization supporting over 1,800 employees. ADP concentrates on stimulating personalized assistance. ADP gives Canadian enterprises techniques to create better analytics, payroll, outsourcing, management, compliance, and benefits.




ADP’s goal is to provide businesses with comprehensive solutions that help businesses. ADP envisions itself as a powerful organization supporting its’ partners. ADP believes integrity is the key to success. ADP functions using ethics and morals to guide decisions. Moreover, ADP has built its dignity on open, truthful and honest decisions. ADP believes they have stayed on top via utilizing learning and converting knowledge into insights. ADP tries their best to develop long-term partnerships. To build long-term relationships, ADP must focus on maximizing its client’s wellbeing. Therefore, ADP allocates their resources into creating a valuable customer experience. ADP creates new solutions to rising challenges; this allows ADP to stay ahead of competitors. By offering the most innovative solutions to ADP’s customers, ADP ensures they satisfy all customers. ADP recognizes individual accomplishments and the importance of everyone’s contribution to overall goals. Moreover, ADP understands the significance of every client’s needs; ADP genuinely cares and respects every person. ADP believes that performance is the driver of success and has made a culture around efficiency and results. ADP is not adverse to risk and is willing to try new ideas as long as innovators maintain their accountability. Lastly, ADP believes community drives business and understands the importance of giving back to those who have helped ADP. Thus, ADP performs CSR activities in the communities ADP operates within.


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