HR in 2018: Millennials and the Excellent Employee Experience

2018 will usher in a period when Managers and HR pros have new opportunities to lead organizational change. Business leaders now have the technology and company-wide acceptance of the tools and strategies needed to lead a new generation of workers in ways we simply couldn’t have even dreamed of a decade ago.

Leaders in 2018 have the resources at their disposal to predict and understand staff needs far more accurately than ever before. Our HR teams in 2018 have, therefore, an opportunity to make the workplace a much more productive environment; one in which career development, real conversations, innovate forms recognition and better cross-generational relations exist.

In the second of a four-part series, we’ll consider how 2018 will be the year of experience over engagement.

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HR in 2018: Employee Experience, Not Employee Engagement!

Millennials are quietly taking over the office. With this new generation comes new thinking and new ways of working. Combine this with the ever-increasing transparency caused by digitalization, and it becomes easy to see why 2018 is set to be a year when employees achieve a more enjoyable, more engaging office culture. 2018 will be an exciting time in which HR pros will have access to all sorts of inexpensive and easy-to-try technologies (e.g. constant feedback, benefits-on-demand, recognition, social integrations) that will help develop an employee experience based on big data and two-way feedback.

As more Millennials enter leadership positions in the workforce, expect to see even fewer suits and ties.. and much more written about the ‘Employee Experience’. The best companies of 2018 will leverage initiatives which allow them to build an ecosystem which can integrate three pillars of a successful workplace. Namely, engagement, performance and culture.

It is getting harder to attract and retain the top talent so more firms will look to create employee journey maps in a manner similar to how customer-forced teams hone the user experience and customer journey.


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