How does your HR Leader help you compete? What every CEO should know.

If you ask a CEO “What does your HR leader do?” he or she is likely to say: “You got me. I just know I need to have one.” We expect our HR execs to look after employee records, hire and train people, administer performance reviews, and see that comp and benefits practices chug along. Beyond that, the mission can get fuzzy, fast. Most CEOs I know don’t have a ready answer to the question “How does your HR leader help your organization compete?” nor do they have a handy list of must-do activities for an HR exec charged with boosting the organization’s competitive mojo.

It’s every HR chief’s highest calling to make sure his or her employer has the most excited, switched-on, and capable people on the market. Here’s a list of the things your HR head should be doing right now:

1. Collaborating with you and other leaders to design and communicate a vision for the company, using every communication vehicle you have.

2. Selling your company to the “talent population,” in person, online, and via print and broadcast media. An HR leader should articulate the organization’s culture and story, not only for recruiting purposes but to fuel all of your activities with clients, vendors, media, and the business community.

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