HR processes don’t need to be a hassle

Let’s face it, performance reviews are often dreaded, forgotten, put off, or worse – not done without lots of nagging from the HR team.

Historically, employees have dreaded reviews and managers have often perceived them as a huge investment of their time. Unfortunately, something that is meant to be positive and constructive has historically been seen slow and nontransparent.



Times have changed!

There is a shift away from traditional performance reviews towards embracing innovative review methods that are results driven.

I know from first hand experience that traditional HR processes can be tackled in new ways making important procedures such as performance reviews quick, collaborative and straight forward.  For my day job, I work for Sprigg Talent Management Systems. I oversee customer support and  I love it! I enjoy the dialogue with our customers for many reasons and find that from every new conversation with them, I gain additional insights into strategic advantages of online HR. They have embraced SaaS HR platforms such as Sprigg and are consistently conversing with me about the new processes and results which have been achievable as a result.


The fact of the matter is that performance reviews are not only essential to ensure corporate, departmental and team goals but also they are used to recognize top talent, to promote a pay for performance culture, for succession planning, to identify areas for professional development and to help employees feel engaged and create a sense of belonging and identification with the organization.

The only question which I believe should remain is which HR software is right for me?

I have my own ideas of best platforms for Incentives & Rewards, Recruitment, Succession Planning and um.. Talent Management.. but that’s a blog for another time 🙂



Sprigg Talent Management Systems

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