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Employee Mental Health and Building Resiliency in Tough Times

In HRchat episode 252, we consider ways to improve the mental wellbeing of employees. My guest this time is Dr. Ryan Todd, a practicing psychiatrist on a mission to improve the mental health of employees.

Ryan believes that mental health skills can and should be trained. That’s why, in 2018, he launched headversity, a firm that measures, tracks, and builds resilience among employees in the workplace. “We set the goal that we want to impact a million people” says Ryan, “and we’re not going to stop until we accomplish that”.

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Listen to get Ryan’s answers to questions including:

  • You believe that mental health skills can and should be trained. What can leaders, employees and HR pros learn to bolster resilience in times of adversity?
  • What are some emerging trends in workplace mental health that are paving the way for the future?
  • How does headversity measure, track and train mental health resilience in the workplace?
  • In the context of building mental wellbeing in the workplace, what is the meaning and use of the CARE methodology?
  • In what ways has the pandemic sped up the digital transition in mental health?
  • How and why should leaders and HR pros encourage employee meditation in the workplace?



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