How Chatbots Can Solve the Most Annoying HR Problems

Technology is an integral part of our lives. Take for example ‘Siri’, the famous and widely used voice-based mobile assistant, which plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives. Yes, the popular intelligent personal assistant can help you with almost everything right from ordering your favourite pizza to showing you weather stats, all at lightning speed. Siri is a type of chatbot, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered bot that simulates interactions with us over the Internet.

Similarly, chatbots are becoming a hot thing for businesses. Be it the manufacturing or service industry, they are everywhere driving key business operations and human resources is no exception. Yes, chatbots are fast venturing into the HR landscape. In fact, there is a good possibility that you might be hearing payroll information and company policy from a chatbot in your next job.

How Chatbots Can Benefit HR

With most of the support-related operations for HR like payroll, attendance, etc. being automated, we are witnessing HR turning into a strategic department than a mere support entity. Driving it a step ahead, chatbots would make the HR-employee experience personalized and user-friendly.

A good number of queries that employees shoot to HR would be addressed by chatbots in the near future. Chatbots would take up routine HR chores, which might include sending out company policy to new recruits, collecting employee feedbacks, fetching and storing employee information, providing tax/payroll information, etc.

Quick and Personalized Answers

Employees, on the other hand, can enjoy instant access to information on leaves, attendance, company policy, etc. Employees could type in and send their messages to the chatbot as they would do with any other human. The HR chatbot would then interpret these messages using machine-learning algorithms and come up with relevant responses. Chatbots would use artificial intelligence technology to get better and intelligent over time.

Millennials, who also happen to dominate the workforce in most of the businesses today, prefer instant messaging. After all, it is a common thing to send and receive messages during work hours for us. This is where HR chatbot can play a pivotal role to help them with routine HR-related concerns. Since employees stay connected through their smartphones, chatbots can be of great use especially for employees, who work remotely and lack direct access to the HR department. An HR chatbot here would make communication seamless and faster.

Empowering HR

So is it a right to say that the future of HR is chatbot? Perhaps not, since chatbots are conceptualized to save efforts and time for HR professionals and let them focus more on other crucial tasks that require a high degree of human touch and intelligence. Simply put, HR will have more time with them. For instance, HR chatbots would help employees locate the required info from the HRMS Software or can shoot out reminders about upcoming holidays, events, etc.

HR chatbots aim to mitigate the pains of HR folks by eliminating the cumbersome admin tasks. Often, HR people are found to be stuck in routine tasks thus, preventing them to take part in management decisions. HR chatbots are here to untangle HR professionals.

Author: Anwar Shaikh

Anwar Shaikh writes about HRM solutions and Payroll software in India. A self-made and reared-up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.

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