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Access Perks

If you want to improve your business, consider accessing the services of Access Perks, the USA’s largest employee discount network. Access Perks offers your business access to employee discounts for purchases they make frequently. Access Perk will also create an employee discount website for your business using your company’s brand logo. Access Perk offers a compatible app that allows for ease of redeeming discounts, notifications emails to encourage usage, discount cards, and a toll-free number for support.

Employee can save hundreds of dollars on purchases daily: allowing your company to build brand loyalty and job satisfaction. These savings provide employees with compensation that provides more value than traditional forms of payment. Access Perks offers free trials for your company if you are interested but hesitant on joining Access Perks.

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Access Perks differentiates itself from competitors through by providing a large variety of discounts. Access Perks offers more than 300,000 discounts. Access Perks offers discounts for entertainment venues, department stores, restaurants/dining, shopping, automobile support, travel, large brands, and local stores. Offers are provided both in traditional brick-and-mortar stores as well as online e-commerce sites. Another differentiator Access Perks offers is exclusive deals – offering deals that other discount services don’t offer and creating real value for your employees. The ability to simply carry around your phone and pull up the app to redeem coupons is another sales point of Access Perks. Access Perks creates a lot of value for your employee through the simplicity, mobility, and ease of redemption for discounts. Lastly, Access Perks offers a quick setup. No technological understanding is necessary to use Access Perks’ service.


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