Three Critical Skills Needed To Survive HR Disruption

“There’s something we really need to talk about,” Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith told HRD in a recent interview about business disruption. “Complexity is killing HR at the moment.”

Due to added challenges from rapid technological developments and the changing needs of the new generation of workers, HR is really having difficulty, she said.

One of the main reasons is that managing these changes requires skills not typically found under the HR umbrella.

“HR itself is being asked to do things which are not traditionally seen as part of the HR remit, and some are struggling with this,” she said.

There are three main skillsets that HR really has to develop to stay on top of this issue, she added.

Human Resource Hiring Recruiter Select Career Concept

Human Resource Hiring Recruiter Select Career Concept

Business acumen

While HR talks a lot about being partners to the business, this should involve more than just holding the business’ hand, Vorhauser-Smith said. Instead, HR should actively try and understand the business.

“For many HR people that means getting out of HR for a while. Get into the business or come into HR from the business, because you’ll then have some real first-hand experience with it.”

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by Miklos Bolza

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