Learning leadership from an iRobot

I’m constantly looking for tools that make work and life easier. So when asked what I would like for Christmas, I immediately said “something that will clean my house for me.”

Fast forward to Christmas morning, I unwrap my very own iRobot Roomba! It is fantastic! It intelligently vacuums the entire main floor of the house. When it’s done, it finds it’s way back to it’s charging station and awaits the next mission. By far one of the best gifts I’ve ever received .

This is not a toy. This is an expensive employee tool for the home. And like any good electronic device, it comes with a resume operations manual which outlines what it can do, how it can do it and the scope of it’s capabilities. I had also spoken to a few people who  employ own one, and they gave rave reviews.

I let it do our hardwood floors, which was the primary reason for hiring acquiring it. Then I read that it could do carpets, and would not fall down the stairs. Wow…that would be even better.

Leadership Decision

I had a decision to make when placing it in the new environment. I could put it upstairs on the…

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Author: Tim Baker, CHRL

Tim is a Certified Human Resources Leader with a diverse professional background including Operations Management, Customer Service and Human Resources Management. He leverages his experience to partner with clients offering a range of services and support. He works with organizations to create solutions resulting in a high performance workplace. Tim is an active member and volunteer with the Human Resources Professionals Association, and the York Region chapter through their Mentoring programs, Social Media Committee and Annual Conference & Trade Show.

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