Halloween in the workplace: five legal issues to scare employers

Halloween is becoming an increasingly extravagant and high-profile event in the UK, having traditionally lagged behind US celebrations each October. Stephen Simpson rounds up five issues for employers related to Halloween in the workplace, covering everything from Pagan celebrations to fancy dress.

1. Discrimination against Pagans

Employers must avoid the temptation to take non-mainstream religious beliefs less seriously than the major religions.

The Equality Act 2010 simply defines religion as “any religion”, and does not state the belief has to be a major religion to be protected.

In the 2011 census, 57,000 people identified themselves as Pagan.

In Holland v Angel Supermarket Ltd and another, a Wiccan employee who claimed she was mocked and later dismissed after switching her shifts to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve won a religion or belief discrimination claim.

2. Discrimination by fancy dress

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