Employee benefits – do perks really entice candidates or retain employees?

Do special benefits hook employees? As the employment market shifts back to companies having to compete for top talent, many will incorporate extra perks to attract and keep employees.

At Evernote, all employees get free professional housecleaning twice a month.  In Adam Bryant’s Corner Office column in the New York Times last Sunday, Chief Executive Phil Libin thought it would help get significant others on their side, and said, “I  want the pressure from them to be, ‘You better not be thinking about leaving Evernote.’”

If employees could take as much vacation as they want, how much would they take?  That’s another benefit at Evernote: Unlimited vacation. Plus $1,000 travel money when they take an entire week to go somewhere.

But how do you know when too much vacation is too much?

By Elizabeth Baskin, Good Company

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