Employee Discipline – What To Do With The Unproductive Employee

Discipline in the workplace can be a very touchy subject. From hurt feelings all the way to litigation, companies face a struggle in dealing with unproductive employees.

Many employers use a progressive discipline system. This means that, generally, discipline involve a three- or four-step approach before an employer terminates an employee. This system is based on the presumption that employees, by nature, do not wish to engage in misconduct and, if allowed a chance, will correct their behavior.

Regardless of what specific system your company follows, there are some general best practices that will help you streamline the discipline system. Today, we’re sharing some of the most notable tips.

Have one person that is in charge of disciplinary action, and ensure that there is another person reviewing disciplinary decisions before they are implemented. It’s always confusing when there is more than one person in charge. To make the disciplinary system as straightforward as possible, put one person (HR representative or manager) in charge of disciplinary action. Also ensure that there is a second person reviewing disciplinary actions before they are implemented. This ensures that decisions made aren’t personal in nature, and are appropriate in response to the employee’s actions.

Notify employees with a warning of conduct that may get them into disciplinary hot water, and have open communication with them after action has been taken. 

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