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IgniteHR: Silent Screams of Numbers

This presentation was given at HR Reinvention on May 18, 2016. Held annually...

Stop talking about what drives employee engagement – it’s about WHO drives it

Companies need to put management and leadership at the center of their engagement strategy.

DisruptHR Chicago: Sponsor Spotlight with Hanold Associates

Jason Hanold is the CEO & Managing Partner of Hanold Associates, a...

HRchat Podcast: Tim & Kristen Harcourt talk about High Performers vs High Potentials

Kristen shares her career journey and speaks about “high performers” vs “high potentials” in the workplace.

DisruptHR Chicago: Interview with Mindy Mackenzie

The only thing you can reliably change or control at any company is yourself and that you can do that better by stepping on the Life Scale once per month.

DisruptHR Chicago: Sponsor Spotlight with Skill Scout

Chicago is an international economic force to be reckoned with. In order to stay ahead, we have to keep up with the changing needs and experiences of our people.

HR Event Preview: HR Leaders Summit In Canada

Every year HR Leaders Summit brings together senior HR professionals to discuss some of the most pressing industry challenges.

5 Reasons You Need To Optimize Employee Scheduling

If you are scheduling by the seat of your pants, you may be doing yourself and your employees a disservice.