women in sports

Women in Sports: Making the Leap to Corporate

In this special crossover episode co-hosted by Jamie Allison, host of the Big Idea Big Moves podcast, we speak with the leader of an organization that helps women professional athletes leverage the skills they’ve developed through high-level sports to transition into careers with top companies.

Our guest is Digit Murphy, President, and Head Coach at RUTH, President of the Premier Hockey Federation (formerly NWHL) Toronto Six franchise, Legendary Brown University Coach, and member of the Cornell Hall of Fame, and a bunch more!


Questions Include:

  • Tell us about the NWHL rebrand launch and how “women’s” was intentionally removed to focus on it being a social statement by taking out gender from the title; defining them by their talent and not their gender.
  • You have a deep background in sports coaching and management – Why the departure into the talent space and entrepreneurship? Was that challenging for you?
  • You have noticed a difference in the networks and opportunities available to high-level female athletes vs. their male counterparts.  Tell us about that
  • You are very networked in the College and University system – why do those gaps in the network exist? What do you see as the major differences and gaps and how are you trying to address them through RUTH?
  • What is the potential value to an employer brand of having ex/current professional athletes as part of their team and acting as advocates on social media and elsewhere?
  • How have your own experiences shaped your approach and passion to bring RUTH to fruition?   How has it landed so far with the athletes and leaders you have spoken to?
  • What is unique about how Ruth bridges the gap between collegiate and professional athletics over to the workplace?



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