intelliHR Performance Summit Set to Kick Off New Ways of Developing High Performing Teams

Following an uplifting and impactful online intelliHR Performance Summit in February 2021, Rob, Glenn, Eva, and the team are bringing the event back to the Aus-NZ region. The summit will hone in on the science of high-performance and how lessons from professional sports can help leaders, HR pros, and employees improve their game.

intelliHR Founder and CEO Rob Bromage said “I’m excited for the July edition of the intelliHR Performance Summit series! We have lots more awesome speakers and panelists from the business and sports communities raring to ideate, innovate and collaborate. We are particularly pleased that we were able to attract keynotes Brad Mooar, the men’s All Blacks assistant coach, and Astrid Jorgensen, Australian vocalist, conductor, composer, and founder of Pub Choir. Our Australian and New Zealander communities will get a real “kick” from this incarnation of a series we hope will grow and grow around the globe”.


Speakers and Panelists

  • Brad Mooar, All Blacks
  • Astrid Jorgensen, Pub Choir
  • Robert Bromage, CEO, intelliHR
  • Dan Hunt, Mental Health Movement
  • Emily Bates, DBN Vircon
  • Louise Ferris, McCullough Robertson
  • John McConachie, SCOPE (AUST)
  • Leanne Hughes, LEANNE HUGHES


  • Kate Charge, Host, intelliHR
  • Laura Butler, Panel Host, intelliHR

Check out the full agenda and register here


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Bill’s guests are both from intelliHR, a best-of-breed People Management and HR Analytics Software application with the goal of helping companies find the best way to support their team members to perform and producers of the Performance Summit 2021 happening Feb 24th. Rob Bromage, Founder, and CEO of IntelliHR and CCO and President of America’s Glenn Donaldson are passionate about working with leaders and HR departments in ways that brings lessons from elite sports to the business community.



About the #intelliHR Performance Feb 2021 Summit: The Science of High Performing Business

The Performance Summit was a free virtual event for HR professionals and business leaders who want to empower their teams to reach maximum potential.

The event featured Toronto Raptors Vice President of Operations and Player Development Teresa Resch as the keynote speaker. Teresa offered her take on creating high-performing teams and ways that the qualities of coaches and managers in sports very much translates to the business community.

Key Takeaways Included:

  • Focus on Performance – Why businesses need to focus on performance right now, more than ever
  • Leader Mindset – Find out how to change leaders mindsets
  • Maximum Potential – How businesses can help individuals reach their maximum potential
  • Business Success – How to track and measure individual and team performance for business success