How HR Can Foster Workplace Happiness

What is the Role of HR in Workplace Happiness?

Human resources are always in the constant pressure of building a great team for the company, with the main goal to hire the right people and to keep them in the workforce for as long as possible. To achieve this, there’s always an ongoing need for the management to keep employees satisfied and happy.

This pursuit of happiness in the workplace turns out to be essential in ensuring a successful and long-lasting company. In fact, research shows that happier employees result in more productivity and creativity. They also turn out to be most committed to their jobs. To ensure a happy workplace requires the HR’s intervention in so many ways. 


Hiring Positive Personalities

It is a standard in every hiring process to consider a person’s skills, qualifications, and experience prior to welcoming him or her into the company. However, it’s often too easy to ignore that individual’s personality, which is a mistake that most HRs make.

A new hire may be the best person for the job, but he might be the worst person for your work environment. Before accepting a new employee, it helps to consider how you feel about the person. A negative vibe may be toxic to the workplace, killing productivity and morale within the workforce. Initiating marijuana testing can also help sift through potential employees and ensuring a happy and productive workforce.  


Recognizing Colleagues For their Work

Nothing gives a certain sense of happiness more than being able to feel that you are needed in. As an employer, it pays to give more recognition to your employees; and as an HR, it’s essential to deliver this recognition effectively. Execs and HR professionals may look for opportunities to be able to extend their gratitude to every employee. This may be in the form of a thank you e-card or a formal recognition program to publicize their efforts.

To promote an appreciative management, HR can also head a training for senior and junior managers. Such position means teaching and guiding these managers in giving recognition. Thus, teaching value of this act in the process.


Venturing in feel-good management

Spreading good vibes in the workplace may seem like a task that comes naturally in as an HR task, yet it has become a full-time position today. Known as the Feel-Good manager, this person is usually responsible for personnel issues, whether it be work-related or personal. Not all the time can an employee be productive, especially if that person is discreetly dealing with a personal problem.

In this, the Feel-Good manager is the best person to turn to, as they are pros at coercing difficult team members. He or she may introduce the creative ideas with an employee to establish an open door between them. While forming a smile-making sector can help management focus on technical aspects, the HR can still perform feel-good activities inside the office.

Finding ways to keep the workplace happy shouldn’t be a source of stress; instead, it should be something that comes naturally to the HR team with constant practice. Just remember that even the littlest things can make the greatest impact to people.'

Author: Tara Desquitado

Tara Desquitado specializes in content management for Testclear, a drug testing advisor and online seller of home drug testing kits. She occasionally writes for Testclear about drug testing focusing on workplace, business, recruiting management and other related topics.

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