How Cloud-Based HR Software Benefits Your Company

cloud-based hrTransitioning to the cloud may seem burdensome with few business benefits, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, since traditional HR systems are aging rapidly, the simplified approach of cloud-based HR software provides significant benefits for companies. In turn, these benefits are driving the fast adoption of cloud-based HR software.

Here are a few of the most important benefits your company could enjoy by making the switch to cloud-based HR.

Eliminating the Paper Clutter

With cloud software, your company enjoys the many benefits of reducing your company’s paper trail in a seamless and efficient manner. Some of the advantages of reducing the typical paper clutter of HR include:

  • Easy access and digital storage
  • An automatic audit trail for pertinent compliance documents in HR
  • Time-savings, since less time is spent looking for documents
  • Enhanced security as opposed to paper documents falling into the wrong hands
  • And more

Enhanced User Accessibility Is Possible Through Cloud-Based HR

One of the side benefits of reducing paper clutter is the accessibility improvements. Managing important HR documents digitally allows a company to authorize all necessary users with the ability to view the same document. Conversely, eyes that do not need to view documents can be blocked with appropriate security settings. 

In this way, user accessibility is increased for employees who need access while those who do not are restricted. For companies operating out of multiple sites and/or office locations, the instant accessibility for the employees who need it is an invaluable asset.

Employee Productivity Increases, Thanks to Efficiency Improvements

The rise of mobile devices allows us to live in an immediate-access world. If you need to view emails or want to watch a funny YouTube video at home, while shopping or anywhere else, your mobile device makes that possible. With these advantages readily available through our smartphones, why should employee productivity and enhanced workflow suffer?

With cloud-based HR software, your company can tap into the anywhere-and-anytime benefits of the 21st century. Your HR staff and employees will then be able to tap into the employee-benefits management software at any time simply by using their:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop

Less Effort for More Efficient Integration

If your company is familiar with the difficulties of integrating on-premise HR software, you already know that ensuring all of your business systems play nicely can be difficult, to put it mildly. The open nature of a cloud-based software’s application programming interface (API) alleviate these nightmare scenarios so your company can easily integrate systems and share valuable data in real time.

As a result, your company saves itself massive headaches while enjoying improved integration.

The Cloud-HR Cost Advantages

Embracing the cloud lets businesses escape from the constant need for major upgrades every few years. With cloud software, a vendor provides the necessary upgrades that help businesses tap into the latest HR software features and developments. Compared with traditional systems that require expensive upgrades and maintenance, it is no exaggeration to write that choosing cloud-based HR saves companies tens of thousands of dollars. These types of savings are available from day one, and the savings only continue since future hardware and software upgrade costs can be avoided entirely.

As the icing on top of the proverbial cake, companies that opt for cloud-based HR software pay no installation costs, ongoing maintenance expenses, or any hidden fees. This expected continuity makes it easier for businesses to budget and allocate HR resources effectively, all while enjoying an enhanced HR software platform.

In effect, the advantages of choosing a cloud-based HR software are too great to ignore. Just as we no longer question the many benefits of using email instead of traditional mail, now is the time to embrace the unique benefits of the cloud for your company’s HR software.

Written by Christian Valiulis, CRO of APS. 

About the author:

ChristianValiulisChristian Valiulis joined APS in 2009 at a time when the adoption of cloud technology for HR and payroll by mid-size businesses began its rapid ascent. As Chief Revenue Officer of APS, Valiulis applies his 25+ years of experience helping companies leverage technology to improve their operations and gain a competitive advantage. Christian currently serves on the payroll Advisory Board for APS (Automatic Payroll Systems Inc.) is consistently one of the highest rated HR and payroll providers for support and software ease of use.

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