Vendor Profile: Ascentis – Building A Human Resource Information System To Improve Your Business

Published by Brennan Kolotinsky



Ascentis provides a full package of human resources tools to improve your firm’s efficiency and accuracy: human resource information systems, human capital management, online payroll, time management, compliance and recruiting solutions. Employees have to ensure they are accurate, consistent, and timely when reporting data relating to employee’s information. Ascentis offers an electronic sharing function to insurance companies to make sure that your data is accurate. Moreover, electronic functionality saves on mailing and printing costs, helping the environment and your business’ savings.



Ascentis is committed to ensuring that they provide excellent customer service. Ascentis values their clients and respects them. Ascentis offers ongoing support; human resources and payroll specialists can assist you. Support is responsive, responding to all inquiries promptly. Moreover, Ascentis support is not outsourced, and you will be able to communicate properly with a representative in English. The agents are genuinely engaged in their job and want to help you!


Human Resource Information System

EBS OnLine worked with Ascentis to develop and produce a fully integrated human resource information system and payroll solution. EBS OnLine and Ascentis are continuously adding supporting functionality modules and partner solutions to expand their product. Ascentis acquired Starfield Talent Management and as been using their human capital to improve this system technological capacity. Ascentis allows you to pick and choose which software you are interested in and buy into the one’s you need. Then, in the future, if you decide you need the other modules, they will integrate smoothly.



Ascentis keeps you in the loop about new functionality within their software offering. Every three months new patches and updates roll out, providing you a constant stream of improvements. Ascentis basis their updates on the customer’s voice, government legislation, and mapped-out improvements. Ascentis will immediately inform you that the new updates have dropped, so you can swiftly put them to the test. This human capital management SaaS ensures there is no need for you to worry about your own IT a capability.


Ascentis was also an exhibitor at the SHRM DC 2016 conference. For more information regarding Ascentis, visit


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