Seven Ideas for National Employee Appreciation Day

If you forgot about National Employee Appreciation Day don’t worry, we have some last minute tips that will help you save the day.

If you forgot about National Employee Appreciation Day don’t worry, we have some last minute tips that will help you show just how much you value your colleagues and employees.

National Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation

Top Tips:

  1. Provide Snacks or Lunch – Bring in coffees and doughnuts for everyone in the morning, provide lunch, maybe bring in some more coffees and bagels for the mid-afternoon slump. You could even step it up a notch and do both! The reality is people love food, especially free food.
  1. Trip to the Bar – If your office is more social, think about sending a quick email to everyone in the office about a trip to the bar after work at the company’s expense. It’s an excellent opportunity for your employees to relax and mingle with one another outside the office.
  1. Half Days – Since National Employee Appreciation Day lands on a Friday, considering using that to your advantage by sending everyone home after lunch. Since it’s a special time of the year, why not pay them for the full day as well? It’s a quick, easy, and will definitely go a long way.
  1. Gift Cards – Although it’s a very obvious last minute gift, gift cards are actually a nice and appreciated gift. There are plenty of different gift cards to choose from, but a safe bet is a pre-paid credit card. Try to mix it up and give people gift cards that you know they would use to make it more personalized.
  1. In Office Services – Call in your local massage parlor and organize in office massages for the afternoon, or depending on the size of your office maybe in office manicures or pedicures would be easier to set up. Just make sure that this would be something your employees would enjoy as not everyone wants something this personal.
  1. Flowers – This one is more geared towards your female employees, but I feel that everyone loves flowers unless you’re allergic to them. Throughout the ages, flowers have been used to express feelings such as love, sympathy, but also gratitude. Having flowers throughout the office would make the workspace more beautiful and perhaps relaxing.
  1. Personal Messages – I’m not talking about emails or text messages; I’m talking about a good old fashion hand written message. Take this opportunity to write out a nice personalized message stating what an excellent job they’ve been doing, give them encouragement, or even just letting them know how much you appreciate them. This one works well in smaller offices.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter which of these you should choose, I’m sure your employees would be happy with anything done in their honour. All that matters is that you should take this opportunity to show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work.



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