Open Letter: Advancing HR 2017

Open Letter: Advancing HR 2017

To All HR Professionals,

We’re a month into the new year, and many of us will have spent the past few weeks reflecting on 2016 with mixed emotions. Many have expressed uncertainty of the future, but I would like to share my optimism derived from a year of momentous change. Of course, I speak of the revolutionary changes occurring within the HR industry known as the “advancing HR” movement. From our industry’s humble beginnings as personnel administration, 2016 has given us a glimpse of the astounding progress since our industry’s origin. From the passionate advocacy for equal pay to the evolution of organizational structures, 2016 has certainly been an adventurous year.

When peering into this unwritten year to come, I implore you to recognize your ability to participate in this change. Our industry is on the precipice of revolutionary change to meet the coming challenges of an ever-changing world. In this era of many challenges, I am not seeking advocates on behalf of one issue, but I am seeking many engaged advocates. This call to action is not affiliated with one specific challenge, but one that supports our entire profession. You may feel uncertainty over your abilities to advocate for change but never underestimate them.

The individual approaches to advancing HR vary from, students completing their HR degrees, advocates gearing up for legislative sessions, and business partners taking on a changing global economy. I urge you to find your path and make it your own. There is an industry of professionals waiting to support you. From grand ideas to incremental changes, let this be the year that you engage in and become the newest member of the effort to advance HR.

Proud HR Professional,

Taylor Bradley

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Author: Taylor Bradley

Taylor Bradley SHRM-CP is a global HR Business Partner for the mid-sized Seattle startup. Taylor’s career has taken him to approximately forty countries where he has encountered a wide range of approaches to talent management and employee engagement. Taylor draws upon his international experience to provide innovative solutions to workplace challenges while actively advocating for the HR industry. You can connect with Taylor on LinkedIn or Twitter @T2Bradley

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