The ‘New Normal’ in Background Screening

Rampant Hiring across industries with business growth and increased globalization is transforming employee quality and security. Hiring the right candidates is a tough task! Not just skills, a person needs to have the right attitude and a clean character. This is when employee screening services simplify decision making for the HR fraternity.

With rampant hiring, cases of unhealthy encounters like employee fraud, data and intellectual property theft, dubious business partners of unknown provenance, cyber crimes etc.  are being increasingly uncovered. AuthBridge’s Annual Benchmark Study revealed that 1 in every 6 candidates misrepresented information to their employers in FY16; 48% increase compared to the last year.

Background screening is necessary to save one bad apple from spoiling the whole bunch!

To list a few cases, after hiring a sales manager recently, one of India’s leading media company found out that he was asked to leave his previous firm due to sexual misconduct. Again, another established brand recently discovered that one of their employees attending the office was the other twin and not the one they hired.

With increased digital interactions, building trust is needed in real time. Facts need to be presented in an easy to understand manner in real time for people to verify identity, profile and reputation of individuals/businesses before trusting them with access/privileges/information.

Technology has changed leaps and bounds, presenting new opportunities for background screening. And therefore, background screening industry is getting revamped with fully integrated systems delivering increased efficiency and speed.

TrustOnDemand is the New Normal!

Intelligent APIs, digitization of information like personal data (Aadhaar and identity info.), court records etc. and advanced, sophisticated algorithms like machine learning, search analytics etc. are transforming the background screening industry, making background screening a matter of seconds!

So how are automated background verifications helping?

  • Implementation of OCR (Optical character recognition) and access to identity information (Aadhaar based eKYC, PAN, Voter ID, Driving License info., etc) makes verification of identity and education credentials instant – Verifies IDENTITY
  • Distributed databases and authentic data sources are helping automate exit employee verifications and deliver powerful analytics making employment verification instantaneous – verifies PROFILE
  • Digitization of court records and complex algorithms for quick, accurate analysis makes criminal verification a matter of minutes – Verifies REPUTATION

The results will depend on the nature of data and what can be concluded by the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques.'

Author: Dolly Sharma

A passionate content marketer for over 4 years. Been with AuthBridge for over 2 years now, possessing extensive knowledge in employee engagement & employee background screening.

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