Impress Your Boss with These 15 Tips

It’s your first day on the job and naturally, you want to impress your boss. But how do you exactly go about doing this? You don’t want to come off as too strong, but you don’t want to come off as an ordinary worker. Every job is different, but most employers expect the essential characteristics in their employees. Here are 15 basic tips on how to wow your boss:

  1. Take initiative: If something is wrong, don’t ignore it. Either fix it or if you can’t fix it, let someone know. If you don’t fix it, who will?
  2. Consistency is key: It’s normal to have a wave of productivity or days, weeks, and years where we give more of ourselves, however, aim for even output so you don’t burn yourself out.
  3. Be on the ball: Show your boss that you’re on the ball by showing up to work and meetings on time, taking notes when necessary, and remembering little details. Demonstrating that you care about the little things will remind your boss that you take your job seriously, and care for the bigger things such as goal setting, larger projects, and personal growth.
  4. Remember the big picture: Before you get upset and send an angry email, take a step back and think about the big picture. If you can remedy the problem yourself, do so. If the project does not align with the company’s goal and objectives in the first place, then talk about it with your boss.
  5. Voice your opinion: Unsatisfied with your role? Confused about a project? Want to share a creative idea at the next meeting? Then speak up. Your boss and colleagues can’t read your mind. Everyone appreciates clear communication and brainstorming,  and the healthiest way to get support is to ask for it.
  6. Be productive: Work on your tasks efficiently and effectively.
  7. Follow through: Finish your assigned tasks. If you feel overworked or burnt out, talk to your manager.  
  8. Use your creativity: There’s a reason why managers are always using the “think outside of the box” saying. Creativity is crucial when it comes to kick-starting your productivity and output.
  9. Be a team player: It’s good to be independent, but don’t exclude yourself from your department or unit. Work with your colleagues to meet your common goals.
  10. A healthy work-life balance: It’s good to be on top of the game, but you also have a life outside of work. Your boss expects you to work diligently and be productive, but he/she doesn’t expect you to live for work. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance will ultimately make you a happier person.
  11. Step out of your comfort zone: It’s a fact that few people get genuinely excited about extra socializing or out-of-office events, but it is essential to show up every once in awhile. Demonstrate that you care by making an appearance for a short conversation, drinks, or for the toast. Your manager will remember whether you showed up or not.
  12. Follow up and ask for feedback: Following up on a project completion is just as important as the project itself. Make sure all necessary parties know when you’ve completed a major project. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on how to improve for your next assignment.   
  13. Show gratitude: Everyone wants to feel valued. Welcome feedback, recognition and rewards from your boss and co-workers, and they will do the same.
  14. Be truthful: Lying never helps anyone grow. It’s important to be honest about your efforts, skills, workload, and needs. Frankly, your boss will appreciate your honesty and may be able to help you out.
  15. Use your resources: Whether you are truly qualified or not, you got the job because someone believes that you have the right skills. Prove them right. Put your experiences, insights and education to use daily.  

Landing a new job can be incredibly exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. Practicing these 15 tips is a good place to start to impress your new boss and colleagues. However, this doesn’t mean your entire career should solely depend on these 15 tips. These 15 tips are the bare minimal to impress your boss, and to move up the ladder; you are going to have to put in hard some work.


Author: Editorial Team

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