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Every marketing strategy adapts and reacts to the changes that take place in the technology and attitudes. It is a well-known fact that digital marketing has sustained an ample transformation during the past few years. The technology that prompted the changes has been growing faster as compared to any other trends. This means that the brands would need to observe and grasp way beyond the usual trends so that they can stay ahead. The companies can make use of the worker’s compensation attorney if some problem occurs. Some of the top trends of the time which are changing the market are discussed below:

Relationship Marketing

Currently, there are about 2 billion people in the world who own a smartphone. Its adoption is on the rise, and it gives an excellent opportunity to the brands around the globe to get connected with their prospects and customers to make a better impact. This is what the relationship marketing is all about.

The primary goal behind the relationship marketing is focusing on building a stronger loyalty and a long-term customer engagement instead of a quick and short-term customer benefit and sales. Through this, the company grows in a more robust way by developing a more stable, emotional connection with their customers towards their brands. This creates meaningful relationships and conversations with the customers, which in return would make the company set a high bar for other competing brands. One of the best examples of Relationship Marketing is Nike. Nike has expanded to almost all spheres of life, and other companies are trying to follow in their footsteps. Another example is Coca-Cola. How many companies have tried making their version of Coca-Cola? None of them has as loyal of a fanbase as Coca-Cola. This could be the perfect example of Relationship Marketing.

Now, how businesses can develop the community and personalize their efforts of outreach? This is done through Data! It is evident that data is readily available and has interpretable formats from which the company can develop the firm relationship-marketing plans. Starting from 2016, the data has become crucial. Again, all robust relationships are built on trust and transparency, which is the main factor that all businesses must keep in mind when mapping down the relationship marketing methods.

Ephemeral Marketing

Nowadays Snapchat is one of the best standard marketing platforms, and in the future, it would not only remain as a tool that would be used for fun marketing experiments. It would also be used as the primary marketing gun as the users are coming in to digest social media in actual time. After delivering integrated campaigns, to make the constituents feel connected, the company would need to offer impeccable content. This is what ephemeral marketing is. It is the communication that is very short and more to the point. This is a perfect model for the world where people have a very little time.

Snapchat is right now the ultimate platform where customers feel connected, and it is entertaining at the same time. A lot of brands are even using it to push their messages to the consumers through this application. However, ads that are shown to customers through ephemeral marketing need to be very impactful and interesting because ephemeral marketing means that the messages don’t last long. Also, during the last few months, we’ve seen Instagram start adopting a similar feature to Snapchat. Namely, Instagram now has a feature called ‘stories’ where users put a photo or a video on their ‘story’. These images and videos last for only a few seconds but are quite effective at showing what’s happening.

This is a new form of advertisement which cannot be ignored by the customers.

Millennial-Targeted Marketing

The millennials marketing is a huge part of the workforce; that is about 35%. There are about 80-million millennials in the United States alone. It has been into play since long and does a great deal till today. Basically, Millennials follow trends. One of the best examples of Millennial-Targeted Marketing is Reddit. Both of these social platforms utilize this type of marketing to promote themselves. Another great example is 9GAG. Of course, these websites don’t sell anything, but the same formula applies to other instances of this type of marketing. Anything that has to do with trends nowadays is a potential target for Millennials. In short, this market is fairly specific because Millennials are usually impulse buyers that buy things that aren’t always necessary. The worker’s compensation attorney is used the most in this kind of marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is growing at high speed, especially in the form of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has started innovative ad offerings just like the Snapchat. They are developing as the major players for social media advertisement around the globe. It has been noted that about 65 percent of the adults use social media. Facebook and Instagram make up 1 billion users alone. This is a great place for you to start your marketing; however, the tactics need to be impeccable because people know that these platforms aren’t usually marketplaces. This might be by far the best way to market products to potential buyers because they will feel ‘connected’ to you in a way. It’s a weird situation, but it does seem to work for a lot of companies.



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