Vendor Profile: Appcast – Solutions To Finding An Applicant Pool

Published by Brennan Kolotinsky



Appcast’s group of recruiters, IT professionals, and data analyst are working to alter the way we perceive recruitment advertising. Appcast envisions their data and technology working alongside firms, employers, publishers, and agencies to intensely make a mark on recruitment outcomes, performance, and ROI.



Target Market Segments

Appcast designates its services to three primary customers: employers, recruiting agencies and job boards, and publishers.


Appcast allows companies to showcase their new job openings via a new channel. This channel is riskless, as the company only has to pay for their services if applicants legitimately apply through this channel. Then, the company will be charged based on the number of applicants it receives. Appcast works with more than 6,000+ job sites and consumer sites to showcase the job opening. This method of payment is safer than a traditional approach of paying per-click, as Appcasts ensures you receive your money’s worth for their services. Appcast using a tracing function to count the number of applicants; it’s as simple as that. No fees, no long-term agreements, and no contract are necessary. Your firm comes out with a guaranteed pool of applicants, or you are free of charge.


To help serve job boards, Appcast has developed Clickcast. Clickcast is currently the largest cost-per-click job advertisement-managing tool. Clickcast essentially allows job boards to keep an eye on all of their job board software in a single central software. Ultimately, Clickcast tackles labor issues of overseeing all of these sites. Clickcast features metrics that help you in your promotional advertisements buying. Media spend fees are nonexistent, and integration could not be simpler.


Appcast offers a Publisher Network that allows you to gain access to thousands of sponsored employee positions. These jobs are top-notch quality, direct-to-employer positions (which means no competitors taking your traffic). The number of job seekers you can attract is the basis for the payment. As such you are paid based on cost-per-click method, yields range from $0.20 to $2.00


Appcast was also an exhibitor at the SHRM DC 2016 conference. For more information regarding Appcast, visit


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