8 Must-Read Employee Engagement Articles

  1. The year of employee engagement… again!?!?

I don’t think any year is THE year of employee engagement. Successful companies have figured out a way to ensure employee engagement strategies and tactics are “always-on” and not a one-time initiative or reaction to an annual employee engagement survey.

What makes it more challenging is that there is no single silver bullet. There are several drivers of engagement that differ per company, and it’s all about ensuring that gathering insight and reacting is part of the company DNA.

employee engagement

In the spirit of sharing (and reading my own endless articles that have lists going into the new year), here are my favorite posts and studies about employee engagement that I read in 2016.

  1. Deloitte – Culture and engagement:  The naked organization
  2. Gallup – Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015
  3. Aon – 2016 Trends in Global Employee Engagement
  4. Employment Hero – 8 Employee Engagement Trends For 2016
  5. ORC International – Global Perspectives 2015: worldwide trends in employee engagement
  6. CIO – 16 employee engagement trends that will shake up IT in 2016
  7. Deloitte – Global Human Capital Trends 2016: The new organization: Different by design
  8. Quantum Workplace – 2016 Employee Engagement Trends

As this is a subject I am very passionate about, I wanted to help offer a practical guide to help companies along this journey.  Check out the 2017 Guide to Measuring and Acting on Employee Engagement that I authoured to learn more.  It will offer considerations about moving forward to a more continuous and real-time engagement and insight approach.

Cheers to 2017, and to engaged employees everywhere.


Author: Rob Catalano

Rob Catalano is passionate about helping companies succeed – by leveraging technology to make employees successful. With his unique experience in HR Technology as a founding employee at Achievers, Rob co-founded WorkTango – a platform that offers real-time employee insights and agile performance management that positively impacts alignment, accountability and engagement of employees. Rob has had the privilege to speak to in over 30 cities the past three years, and loves the opportunity to connect with passionate HR leaders across the globe. You can reach him at rob@worktango.io or @RobCatalano on twitter.

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