3 Fs for a Healthier Workforce

The World Health organization makes it clear that there are significant benefits from an improvement in workforce health. Whilst investments in workforce health might instinctively seem to benefit employees the most, in fact the benefits are split between the employees and the organization.

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Having established that increasing workforce health is a mutually beneficial outcome, how can this be accomplished?

These 3 Fs are a good place to start.


Whilst we wouldn’t suggest going to the same lengths as Ownlocal (a digital advertising startup that gives a FitBit to every employee) it certainly doesn’t hurt to encourage employees to engage in a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to do this, is by starting company sports teams. Not only is this going to lead to a healthier workforce but could well lead to increased comradery and strong relationships amongst co-workers.


Obviously linked to Fitness but in many ways much easier to implement. Simply providing fruits or cereals to employees rather than the traditional free chocolates and fizzy drinks, shows employees that you care about their health.


Employees’ mental health is being understood as increasingly important, with many employees in countries around the world reporting stress and anxiety in the workplace. As the saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved”, so make sure you have a clear process for allowing employees to give feedback to management about the company and how they feel about their jobs. This could be anonymous or in structured feedback sessions, but those willing to share thoughts and ideas should be praised accordingly. It will often take courage for employees to give any type of constructive criticism to management.

These ideas are meant as a guide, but of course you can come up with your own ideas or ask your workforce for their own suggestions. We can probably all agree that being healthier is positive for everyone. However, the key thing is in giving your workforce the option to make healthy choices for themselves and then supporting them to sustain these new habits. In the long run, this will be better for them and better for business.

If you have any tips for creating a healthier workforce, please share them with us!


Author: Richard Hanson

Richard Hanson is CEO and Co-Founder of Jobable, Asia's data-driven career platform, based in Hong Kong. Recognised by Asiamoney Magazine as one of the top headhunters in the Asia-ex Japan region, Richard is a well-known figure within the HR Technology space in Asia, making regular appearances at industry round tables and entrepreneurship events.

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