HRchat: Is this a Good Fit? Hiring Right w/ Jon Edgar [podcast]

Jon Edgar

Jon Edgar

HRchat show host Bill Banham recently interviewed Jon Edgar, Business Development Manager at Concord Consulting.

Jon provided his thoughts on better ways to identify, screen and measure candidates so that companies ensure that they hire and promote the candidates with the best possible chance of achieving, developing and engaging with the company culture.

Listen to this HRchat episode¬†to get Jon Edgar’s thoughts on:

  • Creating programs to uncover problems in the hiring process
  • Hiring right
  • Recognizing talent
  • Understanding assertiveness
  • Why top performers are often not the best leaders
  • Job satisfaction and productivity
  • Strategies HR pros could adopt to develop more efficient, productive, and success-driven company cultures
  • Measuring team success


About Concord Consulting

Concord helps companies grow, manage talent and strategize for the future. By applying talent management strategies and advanced personality assessment technology, Concord has managed to help organizations create more productive work environments and achieve stronger, more sustainable results.

Jon Edgar and the team help with: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational design and development
  • Survey design, deployment and interpretation
  • Executive coaching
  • Communication skills training
  • Our suite of world-class personality assessment and job modelling tools'

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