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APN Consulting Inc.

If you need advice for anything technology related, APN Consulting Inc. is a superb choice! APN offers technology that supports a business human resources department. If you are looking to grow IT into your business, APN can help you find appropriate technologists. APN offers multiple hiring mechanisms. APN can perform all of the hiring/screening/skill assessment and direct hire. If you are in need of short-term help for a particular project or development – APN can help you find contractual employees. Lastly, if you want to test the water, APN can help you find contractual work that offers the potential to move to permanent hires.

For larger businesses, APN can help you derive more value from your existing ERP systems and CRM support – such as Salesforce. Salesforce offers your company the opportunity to meet new clients, grow your business, and maintain existing patron data. If you need assistance running an integrating, customizing, implementing Salesforce APN can support you. APN can offer assistance in developing and integrating more services for your Salesforce service. Through innovation application development you can develop a new competitive advantage for your business and generate genuine value for society. The cloud allows you to integrate your business while eliminating maintenance costs, providing more configuration options rather than just customization, eliminating storage necessity, improved security, and pure competitiveness. Moreover, APN offers Software as a Service (SaaS) – through cloud computing, APN can maintain your application, data, middleware, operating system, servers, storage, and many other functions required by technology.

APN Consulting Inc.Culture

APN sets itself apart from similar technology consulting firms through a unique culture. Most companies either focus their business’ effort on the client or the profitability of the enterprise. APN takes a different perspective by putting their employees first. Think about the companies you have visited, those offering flexibility, growth opportunities and well-paid jobs to their staff have the most productive employees. By putting the employee first, APN ensures that their employees care, learn and are happy. This happiness spreads through the business and ensures that clients become more than a sale, rather strategic trading partners. Through dignity, integrity, honesty, and giving back, APN develops this “employee first” culture.


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