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HR technology is evolving day by day. Ten years ago, if you had asked small businesses how they managed their data, they would have given you old, traditional solutions. Cloud was not a popular concept at that time. Nobody trusted this technology. However, things have changed now and cloud is something we cannot live without.

Check out how HR technology has changed the way small businesses work.

Quick Hiring

In small businesses, less attention is paid to hiring process as there are few positions to fill in. Still, this becomes a cumbersome and tiresome process. With the introduction of software such as resume parser, recruitment has taken a new turn. It helps in extracting data from resumes and saving in pre-designed fields. Thus, shortlisting candidates is just a click away. As small businesses cannot afford an expensive solution, they can choose a resume parsing tool which does not require any coding or technical knowledge. A low-cost solution is the best choice for startups or agents having a small company.

Cloud-Based HR Platforms

An HR manager has to perform a wide range of activities apart from recruitment. Cloud-based platforms have many additional features for enabling performance appraisals, benefits administration, time-off tracking, document management and much more. This makes HR managers use HR software to simplify their job and reduce workload. There is no time left when having a knowledge of these tools will be a prerequisite for hiring an HR manager.

Innovative Services for Competitive Edge

With growing competition, small businesses need quick solutions to attract customers. Technology companies are designing unique services such as teamwork apps for better company culture, health plans for employee wellness, vending machines for nutritious food. In the coming few years, small businesses will see many new technology concepts beneficial for human resource.

Collaboration Tools

With new technology tools, recruiters can easily increase productivity and engagement. Employees can provide feedback on projects quickly, share conversations about jobs and customers, and report workplace issues by using these tools. With the evolution of such tools, HR managers will see an increase in employee engagement.

Automated Workflows

Whenever a new employee joined, HR manager had to complete many formalities which included a lot of paperwork. With online functionality available, employees fill in the information themselves. The system is capable of checking the accuracy of the information.  

With a smart system in place, HR managers can make HR activities more systematized and focus on business strategies.'

Author: imrindersingh

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