HR in 2018: Digitalization of Human Resources

Leaders and HR pros will have big opportunities in 2018 to push forward with organizational change. Managers now have the technology and company-wide acceptance of the tools and strategies needed to lead a new generation of workers in ways we simply couldn’t have even dreamed of a decade ago.

We have the resources at our disposal to predict and understand staff needs way more accurately than ever before. Our HR teams in 2018 have, therefore, a window of opportunity to make the workplace a much more productive environment; one in which career development, real conversations, innovate forms recognition and better cross-generational relations exist.

In the third of a four-part series, we’ll consider how 2018 will be the year in which we finally go fully online!

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HR in 2018: The Digitalization of the WorkPlace

2018 will be a year of HR teams leading the charge for new online tools and processes that connect remote and in-office workers with AI and big data. There really is no other choice. It’s now or never for many companies as AI is set to replace large numbers of traditional admin-based roles and remote workforces continue to grow in importance.

Digitalization is bringing about massive changes for employees and employers. Digital technologies are drastically impacting the ways employees and clients communicate and connect with organizations. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools have disrupted recruitment practices, leading to lower costs and wider candidate pools.

Xennials (those comfortable enough with office tech and who are now in leadership roles) and Millennials (the wider tech-savvy generation) are becoming the dominant driving force within companies. This means that being anything other than digitally savvy and agile is no longer an option. To stay competitive in today’s business arena, HR departments are taking advantage of the latest digital technology options.

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