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WithumSmith+Brown: Innovation Leads Before Imitation

WithumSmith+Brown (WS+B) is a market leader in advisory services relating to auditing industry. Serving 12 different industries, WS+B can ensure you are conducting business legally, under IFRS. WS+B can also assist in marketing strategies. These strategies relate to regulation (allocating of costs, pricing, etc.), restructuring your company (leverage recommendations, M&A), compensation packages for execs, internal control policies (to reduce fraudulent activities), raising funds for your business (IPO, venture capitalists, etc.), litigation fees, etc..


The Withum Way

The Withum Way consists of the culture and relationships built and valued at Withum. WS+B puts their clients first, recognizing that all their business stems from their customers’ choice to use Withum. By acknowledging all value originates from the patron, Withum can ensure they are always providing valuable services that matter to those who use them. This business model started to be adopted in the modern world when Porter and Kramer redefined how a company could generate value. Moreover, by putting the client first, WS+B ensures they provide their clienteles with the growth they need. Innovative solutions/technology/practices, cooperation, integrity and open and honest relationships help to make growth dreams a reality.


The goals of WS+B consist of the following activities: putting their clients first, maintaining high professionalism and ethics, developing and retaining staff, leading the industry within the region, fulfilling social responsibility through volunteer work, and ensuring profitability. Moreover, WS+B holds three core values: its commitment to its staff, the community, and its clients. WS+B has built this strong connection between the community, partners, and employees over the past 40 years. Volunteering and supporting NFP has helped to create the love and enjoyment for work that Withum strives to maintain. This passion allows WS+B to produce material comparable to the Big Four. The innovative culture fostered at WS+B has developed talented adaptable employees. Learn more about Withum’s values.


WS+B was also an exhibitor at the SHRM conference. For more information visit

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