Why You Should Attend a “Disrupt HR” Event

By now, you have seen the ads for “DisruptHR” in different cities.  If you aren’t already familiar with the event, you go to find out: What is Disrupt HR?

From the DisruptHR website:

Once in a while an event series is born that shakes things up, it makes you think differently, it leaves you inspired. That event is DisruptHR.  DISRUPT is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower people in the HR field.  14 speakers, 5 minutes each, and slides rotate every 15 seconds. Teach us something, but make it quick.  If you’re an HR professional, a CEO, a technologist, a community leader – and you’ve got something to say about talent, culture or technology – Disrupt is the place.”

Okay, so now you have an idea of what it is.  Next, you go and check out if there is one in your city and what speakers are being featured.  Some names you may recognize, others are completely new to you.

But one lingering question remains: Why should I attend?

Whether you are new to the HR profession or a seasoned professional, we are in a time when Human Resources… a.k.a. HR …is becoming more and more involved in being a game changer in today’s business world.  We are at a crossroads, so to speak, where the tried and true methods of the past aren’t working as well anymore when it comes to recruiting, employee relations and retention but so many other methods are still in the “test and see if it works” period for the future.  This is most important to those companies that don’t have an established HR department internally.

So, what better way to find out if some of these “test and see if it works” methods are really working than to listen to others in the field that have already tried it!  Or, maybe your company is struggling to find new ideas but what others in your same industry are doing doesn’t apply or won’t work for you.  Many times, we shut off from new ideas because we assume that – on the surface – they won’t work.  The speakers at DisruptHR not only share ideas but action steps for you to try right away…or, better yet, make spark an idea in your head for something new to try!

Best way I can describe it: DisruptHR is like a “camp fire” talk.

The point of the short presentations is to provoke thoughts and new ideas that, when it comes time to network, you will find many people discussing the pros and cons or even offering different perspectives based on their experience or ideas.  If HR professionals want to change the landscape of HR, especially if we really want to solidify that stance of being a “true strategic partner” then we need to take advantage of every opportunity out there to uncover new ideas.  By not following the norm or “towing the line,” the speakers you hear at local DisruptHR events will get you thinking outside the box and envision the changes you can make in your workplace that you may not have known about or even considered a possibility before.

Should you attend?  That still comes down to you. 

But if you are looking for many to expand your personal knowledge base in the field of HR, check out when the next DisruptHR event is happening in your city and give it a try.  I am willing to bet there will be at least one speaker that leaves you thinking “hmmm…..”


Author: Barb Buckner

Over 15 years of experience as a strategic Human Resource Professional with a proven history of implementing HR strategies and managing employee relations, process improvement and compliance. A reputation for leveraging business relationships, engaging the workforce and creating a positive return on investment into HR initiatives.

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