What’s Preventing Your Success?


We all have obstacles to achieving success. Barriers to entry like the dollar value, market saturation, lack of capital or finding the best staff, are all real obstacles. So if problems can be solved, and they can, what stands in your way? Why are these problems not getting solved? What is your number one obstacle? Can I guess?


Gremlins are thoughts that creep into our subconscious and stop us— our inner critic as it were. They tell us we don’t look good in our bathing suit that we are not worthy of having a successful business, or we lack the capital to support our business. These negative thoughts then prevent us from going forward with our goals.

In fact, it is not the problems that are stopping you. It is simply, you.

By giving space for your gremlins to operate, you are, unwittingly, allowing them to sabotage your business.

Gremlins stem from information coming at you from society, your friends or other relationships.

If you think about all the little voices in your head, the gremlins are the negative or destructive ones. The intuition voices, you get to keep undisturbed!

To get rid of these nasty critters, we need to understand their origins. Gremlins often originate from a place of good. For example, when you beat yourself up for having a messy desk, chances are someone in your past, or present told you that the best way to stay productive is to be organized. Your gremlin turned that into, “You are unworthy if you are unorganized.”

You are likely hearing those voices now, and I want you to think what they cost you. How has that gremlin of yours benefitted you? I would venture a guess that she hasn’t benefitted you at all. It is standing in your way and laughing about it.

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I wish I had a magic wand to get rid of your gremlin and have them never come back. But, I don’t.

Our gremlins stay with us our entire life. What I can help you with is to provide information on taming them. I can give you tools to tame the beast and get on with building your business and solving those problems standing in the way of your success.

How to Tame Your Gremlin:

  • Observe
  • Analyze
  • Talk Back
  • Educate

These gremlins attack you because you are reinforcing their voices. When you hear their voice, observe what they are saying, analyze the origins, talk back to it as if it were a naughty child requiring a time-out and educate yourself on what empowers you.

Here’s an example:

Gremlin: “You lost that file, didn’t you? You are an idiot.”

Observe: That was harsh Gremlin.

Analyze: Wow. My father never lost anything that I know of, and he is the smartest man I know.

By him setting a good example of keeping track of his important things, I felt dumb when I didn’t.

Talk Back: I am not an idiot. I just lost a file. I will find it or recreate it. It is a problem with a solution.

Educate: Instead of telling myself that I’m an idiot when this kind of situation arises, I will instead say, “I am smart enough to solve difficult problems.”

Your gremlin is someone else’s criteria for success. And remember, when you measure your worth based on someone else’s criteria, you are at their mercy.

When you measure your worth based on someone else’s criteria, you are at their mercy

Do not be at the mercy of your gremlin. She does not deserve that kind of power. Instead, remember that your words are your truth. Turn your gremlin into a champion by taming them.


Article first published in thrivetogether.ca

Author: Shelagh Cummins


Author: Editor

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