Ways To Grow Employee Performance

I’m often asked what are the best strategies for motivating team members to reach goals and succeed. I believe that the answer lies in recognition, rewards and people development. The following steps can help your company create a culture of excellence:

Give Your Employees Cause To Engage

Your employees are part of something bigger, but do they know it? Employees need to know and share in the vision of the organization. That vision will motivate your team and heps to facilitate company growth. For her company, as an example, the company’s true purpose is “Improving Lives” as every team member is aware. The team is directly improving the lives of the individuals they provide massage therapy for, but is also improving the lives of HR teams by administrating the entire massage program fully, leaving them free to do their own jobs. Additionally, they improve the lives of CEOs and stockholders by improving employee retention and morale and decreasing worker’s comp claims and health insurance cost. And they improve the lives of people in local communities by helping businesses succeed, which improves the local economy and creates additional jobs.

Show That You Care

Treasure your people and they will respond in kind. Recognize every employee’s birthday. Send gifts for new babies and weddings. Be involved in employees’ lives to let them feel loved and valued not only as employees, but also as family members and as human beings. “When people are loved, they will give more than you can imagine they could for you and your cause,” Wilcox says. In her company, she sends gifts to employees around every possible event in their lives. “Employees are the lifeblood of our operation. We want to make taking care of them our highest priority and to make sure they are ridiculously happy at all times.”

Recognize and Shout About Good Work

When someone is doing something well, tell them. Its that simple!

Recognize those on your team who receive good feedback from your clients and peers. It’s important for employees to feel their efforts are being recognized, and the recognition further perpetuates their desire to go above and beyond for your clients, which of course, sets you apart as an organization as well. Says Amelia, “We ask each client how their therapists are doing, and we pass that positive feedback on publicly at our team meetings in the form of “Kudos.” Negative feedback is also passed on, but privately, and proper corrections are made.” In our own organization we provide periodic surprise “spot bonuses” to highlight achievements that are above and beyond.

Have Fun

Offer a company environment which is fun to be a part of. If employees are encouraged to have fun and build relationships in teh workplace, that can lead to better brand engagement and more powerful collaboration on projects. Bottom line – a happy environment is a profitable environment.


Author: Jilaine Parkes

Jilaine Parkes is a knowledgeable and passionate HR professional, speaker and President of Sprigg. Jilaine has 25 years experience in large, dynamic organizations and independent HR / OD Consulting. In early 2009, Jilaine partnered with Bruce Croxon (Co-Founder of Lavalife and a star of CBC’s Dragon’s Den) and launched an online Talent Management software company featuring the automated Performance Management module known as Sprigg.

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