Upcoming: #SalesProChat Looks At Leading Millennials

On Thursday, March 31st, 2016, the CPSA and Women In Biz Network will be hosting another Twitter chat for the #SalesProChat online Twitter community. The folks at CPSA and WIBN will provide some questions, with some interview questions being streamed through Blab. The interview through Blab will be with Andrew Jenkins and Ryan Coelho, with the HR Gazette’s very own Bill Banham moderating the conversation. The #SalesProChat will involve Andrew, Ryan, Bill, the WIBN team, business influencers, and the Twitter business community!


The #SalesProChat will begin at 1:30pm and will continue until about 2pm with the main focus on how to engage and sell to Millennials. With stats revolving around Millennials like: By 2020 over half the global workforce will be Millennials or that Millennials are already the majority in the North American workforce, it’s important to pool together knowledge, tips, and strategies on how to work with the forever changing workforce and marketplace.

To help you prepare for the Twitter chat, we’ve got the inside scoop and have the questions below so you can give your answers some thought!

1. What is the difference between selling to Millennials versus Gen X?

2. What are your top tips to help employer brands attract, engage, and retain Millennial sales pros?

3. How are Millennial workers using social media to engage with prospective customers?

Business leaders, sales professionals, and high-profile industry experts are expected to join the conversation and will bring the sales community of Canada and the US together with tips, strategies and lots of virtual networking.



Author: Jeremy Landry

Jeremy is passionate about HR, Strategic Development, and new and exciting business technologies. His role within The HR Gazette is content curation marketing.

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