Understanding The Correlation Between Engagement and Happiness

Wouldn’t it be great to get consistent feedback from big numbers of employees without the useful hassles associated with distributing and managing company surveys? HappyOrNot’s solution is filling this void. The company provides kiosks and backend analytics which allows organizations to easily listen to their employees every day. By placing HappyOrNot terminals in high-traffic areas like canteens and meeting rooms, employees are able to simply hit button relating to how much they agree with the particular question posed.


HR and management can use this data to get a detailed macro-level understanding of reactions from staff to new programs, initiatives and even feedback on meetings.

HappyOrNot service is the solution that makes it easy for companies to:

  • Anonymously collect feedback

  • Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports outlining employees’ happy and unhappy moments related to work experience, new services, company strategies, etc.

  • Implement strategic, operational measures to boost morale and show the company’s commitment to its employees

  • Monitor changes to see their effectiveness, and keep a keen eye on employee satisfaction

Employee Feedback

The premise is so simple – hit one of four smiley faces which best reflect your reaction to a question. When our team saw HappyOrNot for the first time in Jan 2016 at the HRPA Conference in Toronto, we were taken aback by the simplicity and high appeal of the kiosks combined with the in-depth big data possibilities within the reporting.

Here are some examples of happy clients and how they get value from the employee feedback HappyOrNot generates:

Duke University Federal Credit Union

When 15,000-member Duke University Federal Credit Union in Durham, N.C. was seeking to create a more consistent member experience, it chose HappyOrNot, and the results have been extremely rewarding for the credit union. “The HappyOrNot kiosks have resulted in a more consistent customer experience,” says Duke University FCU CEO Daniel Berry, CCE, a CUES member. “The presence of the kiosks and the immediate feedback they provide is always in the mind of our staff, encouraging them to be more careful to do their absolute best to serve every person who comes in the door.”

In 2016, Duke Credit Union introduced a new incentive for employees where the bonuses of every member-facing Duke University FCU employee are tied to the HappyOrNot reporting results. “For example, $100 for 95 percent satisfaction plus an additional $100 for each percentage point above 95 percent. The theory is to motivate employees to try their best.” (full story of Duke University Federal Credit Union’s success with HappyorNot was published in Cues.org  http://www.cues.org/article/view/id/HR-Answers-Happier-Members

Adventist Health, NC

HappyOrNot service was the turnkey solution for Adventist Health hospital in NC. The HappyOrNot reporting service provides management with quick insight as to how patients view the hospital service and lets staff know where improvements are needed right away.

“The HappyOrNot kiosks have been a great tool for us. We have used them throughout our hospital to help measure and drive both employee engagement and patient satisfaction. They are flexible, user-friendly and provide immediate, clear and actionable information to our department leaders. The modest investment has been well worth it.” – Joshua Cowan-Vice President, Corporate Development, Adventist Health, Northern California

DB Bahn Sales

DB Bahn Sales, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, one of the leading transportation and logistics companies worldwide, and responsible for the ticket sales within the passenger transport of Deutsche Bahn, understood that in order to achieve performance improvements, they needed to be able to identify and understand potential problem areas quickly with the ability for timely resolution.

“We love the HappyOrNot system. The amount of feedback we get is impressive, and the results help us to understand the situation of our service performance. Our local managers review the results every day to cross-check with operational activities and also share the information with their employees to ensure that everyone is aware of the current status.” Additionally:

“To boost motivation within our travel centers, we run a competition for “Travel Center of the Year” and the HappyOrNot data will soon play a key role. It’s important that we, internally, push ourselves every day to be better so that our customers receive the best service possible.” – Christine Stockmann, Head of DB Travel Centers Standards

Read our recent interview with Heikki Väänänen, CEO and Co-Founder of HappyOrNot Ltd.

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