EE Conference Engaging Attendees and Trending on Social Media

The HR Gazette team is in attendance at the awesome UK and Ireland Employee Engagement Conference and we’re loving it so far!

With over 120 attendees and big name sponsors such as Maritz Motivation Solutions, Hive and People Insight, the conference is helping leaders, Talent pros and those within HR to better understand the pitfalls to avoid and the channels to successful employee engagement practices.



As well as the live presentations, panels and workshops, the social media buzz around the central London event is BIG! Associated hashtags such as #engagement, #employeeengagement and #companyculture have been trending for several hours and the digital noise is nearly as loud as the applause on the conference floor.


The EE Conference and Awards are the only events in Europe that bring together award winning & shortlisted entries all in one room. Key learnings from the conference so far include: reinventing the employer-employee relationship, machine learning, creating real conversations and creating a feedback-based company culture.

Check out the live conversation'

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