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photographer-424623_1280Do you remember the telephone game?

That’s when a group of people stand or sit in a line and the person at front of the line begins by whispering something to the person next to them. The game continues with each person repeating the secret to the next until it reaches the end of the line.

Every time this game is played, the final person has the message incredibly wrong. Sometimes the entire topic has changed.

We won’t go deep into the mechanics of the telephone game. But I think you get the point of what this means for communication.

In large and mid-size companies, the “telephone game” effect is a common issue. Messaging is generally developed at the top and filtered down to employees through middle managers. By communicating this way, the message can often become watered down, or even misinterpreted.

That’s why internal communications (IC) roles are so incredibly needed. The role of IC is to disseminate messages in ways that allow employees to receive information as close to a first hand source as possible. This way, companies can reduce the confusion and misinformation that slows down business processes.

Resources such as video allow messages to be communicated directly from the source to the receiver without passing through several mid level channels.

Businesses that embrace video can quickly and effectively disseminate important messages throughout the organization — straight from the executives.

Is your company ready for video messaging? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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