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Tim Baker a is gentleman! On top of that he just so happens to be a HR & Career Consultant, coach, leader, mentor, connector, story-teller, dad, hockey coach and, according to his Twitter profile, he even once balanced a lawn chair on his nose! Not bad Tim.. not bad at all!

Tim’s awesome blog reflects the length and breadth of his strategic HR knowledge and experiences – offering up a feast of delicious HR delights. Our favourites nibbles include: What you can learn from an iRobot about managementShhh…I see stick people and Everyone Needs a Coach

The posts are entertaining, often humorous and always helpful.

In addition to the blog, Tim is busy with content and corporate commitments all over Toronto and North America including the popular HR Laboratory. Oh.. and did we already mention he can also balance a chair on his nose?!

If you’re a manager in a SMB looking for help with HR audits, talent management, recruitment or cross-border challenges we’d suggest getting in contact with Tim.

“I absolutely love working with small to mid-sized business clients” explains Tim. “It’s an exciting and challenging time for organizations of that size. Partnering with a consultant is a great way to put your mind at ease in the areas of human resources and employment.”

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