Resource Offers One-Stop Employee Engagement Learning

Employee_Engagement_infographicI just googled the term “employee engagement,” and here’s what I got: an article telling me what employee engagement is, another article telling me that I’m doing engagement wrong (pretty presumptuous, right?), and a few polls that allege employee engagement is, in fact, on the decline in the U.S.

However, I wasn’t looking for what engagement is, I was looking for a source to tell me how to do it.

Free sources that teach leaders – CEOs, small business owners, HR pros, or anyone – how to implement employee engagement are scarce or, at best, diffuse. You can collect articles from a dozen different sources, but there’s not one good place to get free advice on how to do employee engagement right.

Well, there wasn’t until yesterday.

Very quietly, TINYpulse launched the first-ever free online learning center for employee engagement. Called TINYinstitute, it’s a resource to guide leaders who are interested in boosting engagement. They’ve broken the process into what they call a “journey” – a five step process that begins at the onboarding stage.

“The idea at the heart of the Institute is the employee journey. Engaging an employee isn’t just a one-time task, right? It’s a process. So to be successful, we have to figure out how to engage them at every step of their experience with you, from the moment you onboard them to their growth and advancement within your company,” explained TINYinstitute editor Dora Wang.

The TINYinstitute is a collection of resources, including white papers, tips from HR leaders and CEOs, statistics, and webinars (which offer SHRM and HRCI credit).

If you want to start learning how to do employee engagement, and how to do it correctly, now there’s a single-resource you can visit.

No more googling, and certainly no more articles telling you that you’re doing something wrong.'

Author: Neal McNamara

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