Thrive Summit Set To Help Leaders Be More Successful

Women in Biz Network will be launching The Thrive in My Life Podcast and The Thrive Summit in 2016 The event will take place in Mississauga, ON and be live streamed and available for download across the globe!  This event (and the podcast) aims to disrupt the way one does things various aspects of work and personal life.

The associated podcast is hosted by the awesome founder of Women in Biz Network Leigh Mitchell along with the amazing Sperry Bilyea and Bonnie Sainsbury.


Challenging Professionals and Entrepreneurs In 4 Ways:

  1. Learning and Leadership – How can I expand my thinking and learning? Lead better and more effectively?
  2. Community and Compassion  – Can I enhance my community and offerings to give back more and connect more authentically while earning a financially rewarding career?
  3. Healthy Living and Spirituality – How will I improve my health, feed my soul and overall wellbeing in 2016?
  4. Financial Wellbeing and Fun – Can I thrive financially and still have lots of fun ?

The summit And podcast Will Focus On:

(Please note: The conference will also be live-streamed and available for download)

  • Leadership  & Mentorship (Support to achieve in both business and your life)
  • Lifelong Learning Goals (Innovative ways to keep our minds active and growing – think Mind Fitness!)
  • Healthy Living Tools (Action plans and guidance to live the healthiest life possible)
  • Spirituality Guidance (Tried and tested ways to reduce stress and live a more mindful life)
  • Compassion (Sharing ways to give back in order thrive in business and life)
  • Community (How to achieve and excel in a thriving community)
  • Fun (….So that we don’t feel like our lives are a sad treadmill of drudgery)
  • Financial Well-being  (In order for  our goals and plans are sustainable and achievable)


You Should Come (Or Listen To The Podcast) If:

  • You are a professional (men and women welcome!) looking to thrive more effectively in all aspects of your life  (in pursuit of leading a thriving life filled with learning and compassion -for you and others). Enjoying a healthier and happier lifestyle with a community of supporters and mentors where you are having more fun with greater financial well-being.
  • If you like the unexpected and delight of learning from people who just think this way
  • If you are an entrepreneur and you want to take your business to the next level
  • If you are thinking about starting your own business
  • If you want to authentically connect with like-minded individuals who want to make their mark
  • If you want to be part of a community that will inspire, lead and disrupt the way things are currently done
  • If you want to learn and be mentored by leaders and experts in the business community
  • If you want to take home practical tips on how to look at your business strategically and effectively

The Statistics Paint A Picture Of  Why “Mission Thrive”  Is Important:

  • Health: Women in stressful jobs have nearly a 40% increased rick of heart disease, a 60% greater chance of diabetes (Source: Thrive – Adrianna Huffington)
  • Leadership: 71% of Canadian women indicated that they would like to start their own business and 83% of them said having access to role models or mentors would be important to their success(Source: Status of Women)
  • Learning: 25% of all employees leave their job because there simply aren’t enough training or learning opportunities. On the other hand, companies who do offer e-Learning and on-the-job training generate about 26% more revenue per employee. (source ELearning Industry)
  • Compassion (Giving Back)/Community:
    • 67% prefer to work for socially responsible companies
    • 55% will pay extra for products and services made by companies committed to positive social and environmental impact
  • Community (Sense of Belonging):  74 percent of the employees surveyed who hadn’t celebrated accomplishments with their co-workers said they are more likely to leave their jobs. (Source:Globoforce)
  • Healthy Living/Mental Health: A 2014 study published in the Journal of Business Venturing, found that habitual entrepreneurs display symptoms of behavioral addictions, such as obsessive thoughts, withdrawal-engagement cycles, and negative emotional outcomes. Similar to other behavioral addictions – like gambling or internet usage – serial entrepreneurs are likely to experience negative consequences that stem from their need to keep going.Entrepreneurs may also be at an increased risk of other addictions as well. Research shows people with an addiction in one area are more likely to have behavioral or substance abuse addictions in other areas.
  • Healthy Living/Mental HealthThe Bureau of Labour Statistics reports only about one-third of small businesses survive a decade. And the statistics on tech startups are even bleaker – some reports estimate that 90% of them fail. In a world where quotes like, “Failure isn’t an option” are thrown around like must-live-by mantras, setbacks can cause a psychological crisis.
  • Community: The isolation of entrepreneurs, once their biggest “taboo”, is now being expressed openly. The value of convening and sharing expertise to build scale and scope is key. Finding mentors to help in expanding businesses internationally or stimulate and assist entrepreneurs’ ability to meet requirements of procurement for large infrastructure and other government initiatives, possibly by encouraging the formation of alliances, consortia or partnerships—rather than sprinkling money here and there—are part of today’s reality. (Canadian Chamber of Conference)
  • Financial Well-being: The self-employed were wealthier than paid employees. In 2009, the average net worth of the self-employed was 2.7 times that of paid employees (Table 2). Household assets averaged about $1.2 million for the self-employed and their debts about $157,000. In comparison, paid employees reported an average of $480,000 in assets and $110,000 in debts. (Statistics Canada)
  • Women and Finances: BAG LADY SYNDROME – In a recent poll, 50% of the women said they fear they will lose all their money and become destitute in old age (Allianz Life Insurance survey, 2006)
      • WAGE GAP – women on average earn 80% of men’s income. (Statistics Canada)
      • CHILD CARE, ELDER CARE – the average woman spends 15% of her career out of the paid workforce caring for children and parents.  (National Centre for Women and Retirement Research)
      • LOWER PENSION BENEFITS – women retirees receive only about half the average pension benefits that men receive. (Women’s Institute for a Secured Retirement)
      • As a market, women represent a bigger opportunity than China and India combined. So why are companies doing such a poor job of serving them?  Women now drive the world economy. (Harvard Business Review)


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