The simple answer to improved employee engagement [infographic]

There is so much beauty in simplicity. Yet, we so often gravitate towards the complicated. Looking for hidden meanings by  extrapolating data, deriving information from complex formulas, and so on. Sometimes our biggest challenge is how to find the simple answer.


In the famous words of my favourite doctor, Dr.Seuss, “Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple.”


In Learnkit’s 2015 North American Workforce report, they asked employees what would help them perform better and feel more engaged at work. Their answer was simple: be provided with training to help them to be successful in their roles.


The Learnkit report surveyed hundreds of employees throughout North America to determine the impact effective training had on their engagement and performance at work. The findings revealed that almost all employees, 89 percent, felt it is important that their employers support their learning and development. What is shocking about these employees  is that 66 percent of them actually care more about learning than they do about increased  monetary compensation.


More than half of employees said they could do their job better if they had better training. Let’s dive a little deeper into that statistic. Providing your employees better training would mean that your salespeople could sell more, your customer service team would deliver better customer experiences, you’d reduce errors and accidents, and increase employee confidence.


The fact is, better training equates to happier employees, improved culture, better customer experiences, and an overall positive impact on your bottom line.


The highest performing businesses are rooted in an engaged workforce, where employees are supported in their growth and development and provided the training they need to be successful. Yet many companies are failing to provide their employees with foundational skills, knowledge and know-how to perform in their roles.


Providing effective onboarding and ongoing training makes a big difference to your employee engagement. It enables employees to add value to the business and feel good about their success. What you get is a win-win strategy for everyone.


Take a look at Learnkit’s infographic below and let the numbers speak for themselves.

The Key to Employee Engagement
Courtesy of: Learnkit

Author: Moira van den Akker

Moira leads the marketing for Learnkit, an innovative custom elearning company paving the way for a new era in digital education. Leveraging her background in leadership development, adult education and technology, Moira is passionate about creating content to help businesses thrive through developing their people.

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