The 10 Biggest Killers Of Employee Motivation

Imagine the last time you were happy and content at work.

Hopefully it’s not once in a year type of thing, but let’s imagine it was two days ago when you finally finished a long-lasting project that had been keeping you up all night.

Now imagine the feeling and motivation this happiness gave you. At that particular moment, it probably felt like you could conquer any challenge and had the motivation to move mountains. Most probably, your productivity was at its peak. No wonder; a happy employee is also a productive employee.

I am sorry to burst the bubble, something happened that killed your motivation. Unfortunately sooner rather than later, it will come and take you back to the starting point.

Usually one of these 10 motivation killers will find a way to sneak up on your happiness (or your employee’s happiness) and kick it right to the floor.

The 10 worst motivation killers

So, which kind of motivation killers am I talking about?

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