Taking HR To The Next Level: Rise’s Company Profile


Recently, Paysavvy under went some major rebranding as part of it’s new product offerings. Rise, as the brand is now known, still offers the original Payroll app, but now also offers a Time Off app, a Group Benefit and Health Plan app, and a Team Hub app.

Rise was originally launched as Paysavvy in October of 2011 when founders Faiz Abdulla, Wisam Abdulla, and Tim Abdulla created and rolled out the Paysavvy Payroll app. Their goal was to create a client-focused payroll solution that offered intuitive software and unparalleled client support.

Product Offerings

The Payroll app is a fast, modern, and efficient online payroll solution for medium – large sized companies. It’s intuitive, user-friendly, and has lots of powerful tools integrated within the app such as powerful reporting and emailed pay stubs.

The Time Off app allows companies to create unlimited leave policies, analyze internal time off trends, and to simplify the process of requesting time off.

The Group Benefits and Health Plan app offers a wide selection of group benefits plans that are designed for companies that value the health and wellness of their team. It can provide monthly benefits reconciliation, and there are consultants to help every step of the way.

Lastly is the Team Hub app which integrates the previous apps into a dashboard and includes an internal newsfeed, employee profiles, contextual analytics, and more. This is the world’s first people and culture software that takes HR to the next level. With this app, it has all the information about your company, employees, and can even give managers updates on what quirky things make up your company culture’s DNA!


Why It’s Important

All these product offerings tie into the main belief of Rise: that the most important part of business are the people and with that philosophy they aim to transform modern workforce management by emphasizing collective happiness and empowerment through technology. They are, right now, the only company to offer a people and culture platform, and by using this platform it increases employee engagement, offers a refreshing change to businesses, and breaks the typical mold of antiquated user interfaces.

HR shouldn’t be an administrative department that just deals with forms and ensures that every employee is going by the rules. Employees shouldn’t be seen as resources but rather seen as people. The old software view employees as resources and the founders at Rise saw that as an opportunity to create something new, refreshing, and innovative. Every tool is built around one idea: people come first, always.

By the way, if you’re in the Vancouver, BC area today will be opening their doors to show everyone what Rise is about. There will be cold beer, pizza, and ping pong along with a game of giant Jenga. It will be a great opportunity for any HR professionals, managerial staff, or business owners to see first hand what Rise is about.


Author: Jeremy Landry

Jeremy is passionate about HR, Strategic Development, and new and exciting business technologies. His role within The HR Gazette is content curation marketing.

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