Creating training programs for your organization

Creating a training program for your organization can be extremely valuable but also a very time-consuming and potentially expensive endeavour.

This article will provide some tips to consider when creating a training program.

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Best practices on finding a job through social media

Social Media has exploded as a tool for just about everything – reconnecting with long lost friends, learning about deals for products and services and seeking new employment opportunities. Companies are increasingly using social media to promote their job openings and find employees for their organizations.

This article will make recommendations on what actions you can take when using social media to look for new career opportunities.

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Effective techniques for filling open positions

A major challenge for many companies is trying to find suitable candidates to fill open positions. There are many options available and there is no right or wrong answer as to which technique is best. Depending on the organization, one method may yield better results than another. Although there are many options available, this article discusses some of the more prevalent techniques used in today’s market.

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“I’ll take any job” – Pros and cons

Many times when I ask a jobseeker what kind of position they’re looking for, the response is “I’ll take anything”.

As a jobseeker, there are challenges with this approach, and this article looks at the pros and cons to consider when seeking a new position.

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When to terminate an employee

Terminating an employee can be one of the most difficult decisions a manager has to make. This article will cover some signs of when it may be time to start thinking about terminating an employee.

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Two great candidates, one job – who to hire?

You’ve gone through a long process of interviewing candidates to fill an open position in your company. Now you have a challenge − there are at least two impressive candidates and only one position. What do you do now?

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Tips on acing phone and video interviews

Recruiters have increasingly turned to phone and video interviews over the last few years as a way of screening for candidates to manage their time.

This article covers some tips on how to ace those interviews.

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Starting a new job – the first 90 days

Congratulations! You were hired for the new job and proved you were the best candidate for the position. Now comes the next challenge − the probation period.

With any new position, no matter what level, the first 90 days are crucial. This article outlines some ways to make a positive lasting impression on your boss, co-workers and subordinates.

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