Stacy Glass From HR Options Discusses Business Consulting, Team Work and Superman

Our latest interview is with long time friend of The HR Gazette and all-round awesome HR pro, Stacy Glass. Stacy is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with HR Options.

The Toronto-based HR guru has a wide range of human resources experience, including expertise in appropriate hiring practices, employment contract creation and enforcement, addressing employee relations issues with counseling and disciplinary actions, ensuring company policies are legally compliant and consistently upheld to reduce the risk associated with provincial and federal employment law. Let’s get to know Stacy..

Editor: Tell us about your personal career history and what brought you to your current company.

SG: I completed my undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University and my post-secondary HR Management certificate at Seneca College in 2003. I interned with Earth Tech, a large engineering firm, and I realized I was looking for something more personal. After interviewing with HR Options I felt an instant connection. I have been enjoying my ever evolving role with them since then.

Stacy Glass

Stacy Glass

Editor: Can you tell us a bit about what your company does for HR professionals and Managers?

SG: HR Options assists HR Professionals and Managers with advice on best practices and compliance obligations. We offer a full suite of Human Resources consulting services for both Canadian and U.S. practitioners. Anything from HR assessments, policy development, employment contract creation and reviews, employment relations assistance, as well as on-site and on-line trainings. For those clients looking to enter the Canadian market we also offer Outsourced Employment.

Editor: What is your target market? Please tell us a bit about typical companies which use your services?

SG: Within Canada our target market is small to medium sized companies looking for assistance with their current HR initiatives and those companies that do not yet have an HR Department and require some on-site support to start building their HR infrastructure. From outside of Canada, we mostly deal with US clients looking to enter the Canadian market or who are here but have trouble with all the legislation in the varying provinces.


Editor: How does The HR Gazette fit with your brand’s objectives?

SG: The HR Gazette reaches both a U.S. and Canadian marketplace. The information provided on the HR Gazette also help us enhance our current HR knowledge base with insightful articles and blog posts. We may also take advantage of the partners section to see who we would like to work with in the future.

Editor: What’s your role at your company?

SG: I am a Senior Human Resources Consultant. In this role I work directly with our clients on a whole host of HR related matters. Each day brings new opportunities to work with different industries and their varying approaches to legislative requirements and best practices.

Editor: Do you prefer team work or going solo?

SG: I love working in a team. It brings so much more to the table in terms of ideas and innovations. I have seen first-hand how collaborative efforts enhance end results. On that note, I work with a fabulous group of individuals.

Editor: What are the top three things you think make for a happy and productive work environment?

People, processes and psychological satisfaction. It is important that the people you work with work well with you. Having proper processes in place for communication and efficiency increase productivity, and lastly, if you are satisfied with your work/life balance, pay and the intrinsic gratification for the job you’re doing (all these combined are what I call “psychological satisfaction”), I think all these factors make for a happy and productive work environment.

Editor: What are the top 3 things you’re working on/developing in 2015?

SG: We’ve been perfecting our comprehensive on-line training platform for Violence and Harassment Prevention (Bill 168), Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Training (AODA) as well as Health and Safety Awareness training. We are also developing our complementary informational webinar series for 2015. In addition we will be working on expansion of our outsourced employment option to all provinces in Canada (we are currently in ON, QC, AB, NS, BC, MB and SK).

Editor: Other than The HR Gazette.. what other trade magazines do you read on a regular basis and why?

SG: I really enjoy keeping up to date on the changes to legislation and best practices, besides the HR Gazette, I also read the HRPA magazine, HR Reporter, Canadian Payroll Association Dialogue Magazine, multiple employment law sites, google alerts, LinkedIn groups related to HR etc…

Editor: How can people learn more about your services?

SG: or contact Nunzio Presta,

Editor: What’s your favorite book?

SG: That is too hard to pick! I love books! Action, Romance, Informational, you name it.

Editor: What’s your favorite movie?

SG: Haha, same as above. If I had to pick, probably Pride and Prejudice.


Editor: If you could be a super hero who would you be and why?

SG: Superman. There isn’t anything he can’t do and he has a great moral compass. He solves problems the world over. Plus the whole flying thing would be awesome to beat commuter traffic!

Editor: Finally, got anything else to say to our readers?

SG: Continue to hone your craft. Keep up to date on what’s important or even better reach out to those who are in the know. If you aren’t sure about any HR issues give myself or my colleague Kathryn Benson a call, we are always happy to have a chat with you at 1-866-859-4157.

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